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Fishing is all the more fun when you know the tricks of the trade. The joy of getting hold of a huge catch is unimaginable. But again, you need to have the tactics and techniques in hand, right? Knowing it all is what makes you a successful angler. So, we’ve come up with a post that has all the details you need to know about the Minnow Trap – a trap which is a very efficient and useful one when it comes to fishing. So let’s get started:

Things you require to set up the trap:

  • Two plastic soda bottles of 3 liters each.
  • A woodworking nail
  • Kite string
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pliers
  • A heat source – kitchen flame is just right.
  1. Label the bottles separately, say 1 and 2. Cut off approximately one-third of the bottle 1 from the base and discard the bottom – you won’t need it. Keep the bottle cap on.
  2. Next, cut the top of bottle 2. Cut out the top curvy part of the bottle and this time, remove the bottle cap aside.
  3. For the further steps, keep your heat source, scissors, pliers and the nail handy.
  4. Affix the funnel-shaped bottle 2 into the bottom of bottle 1, in a way that both the bottlenecks are facing the top.
  5. Hold the nail with the plier and heat it. Then slowly place this nail at intervals enough to make around 10 to 12 holes in both the bottles. Dip this nail in cold water to avoid any burn injuries.
  6. Now get the kite string. Thread it to a needle if required and sew both the bottles together. You need to do the sewing carefully to make sure the bottles are firmly together and don’t come off.

Mirror trap

There you go – your minnow trap is all set!

Now all you have to do is fill it with some nice crunchy bait or bread crumbs and place it in the pond or lake in a place where you know fish throng. The fish will get into it and won’t know how to get out of it keep your minnow trap overnight and wake up in the morning to a trap filled with fish!