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Fishing is a fun activity that’s loved by many! It not only helps you get closer to nature but also helps improve focus and concentration levels. With these and numerous other benefits, a lot of people are now taking up fishing as a passion. Now if you’re out there fishing, you should be aware of everything that you need to know while fishing. So here’s one for you: Fishing knots every angler must be well versed with!

Fishing knots

Improved clinch knot

This knot is basically used by anglers to tie the line to the hook. All you have to do is thread the line through the eye. Take the loose end in your hand and wrap it 7-8 times around the line. Then thread the free end of the line through the loop that’s nearest to the eye and then back again through the loose section of the line. Pulling both ends tightly will make your knot more secure. Cut off any extras.

Blood knot

The continuous nature of this knot is probably what urged them to name it ‘Blood Knot.’ Commonly used for joining two lines together, all you have to do is line up the ends of each string together for a couple of inches and wrap the first line on the second for five to six times. Bring back both the loose ends back to the middle between two lines – you got your blood knot right there!

Turle knot

Mainly used to tie a thin line to a small hook, the Turle knot is pretty simple too. You have to run the line through the eye of the hook, tying a loose knot at the end of the line. Passing the open loop over the hook, pull it tightly as the loop tightens around the eye. There goes your Turle knot!


Double surgeon’s loop

For forming a loop at the end of the line, use this knot. Fold the line into half, then tie a single overhand knot. Pass the loop through the overhand knot once more, to make your knot more secure – moisten the knot and then tighten it – a firm and lasting Double Surgeon’s knot!

What are you waiting for? Get started and learn these knots right away! Because every angler wishes to be perfect with his job!