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Small Fish

Many a time, while fishing, you end up with no catch. And that leaves you wondering what must have gone wrong. Well, it’s not your technique but the tactic that you lack in. It so happens that certain fish are attracted by certain fish kinds of baits and tricks only, which you realize after quite some experience. This leaves you with no catch, and then self doubt! But hey, relax – we got you here. This post is where you can understand those tactics which will help you to catch those ever-elusive fish breeds!

Using a worm as a bait and a bobber as the tackle will help you seek the attention of the catfish around. These fish are commonly found in water bodies, so there’s nothing specific about their location. Using a bobber is one of the tactics that result in a more successful catch. Tying a hook to your line and attaching a bobber (shorter distance for shallow waters and longer distance for deeper waters) is the trick. Cast this repeatedly in the area of the water that’s thronged with catfish. Plus, your worm will be the prized possession here – fish find it hard to resist live baits and voila – you have a nice plumpy fish in hand!


The tactic you need to use here is jigging. Get a small jig in hand, which is generally about an inch long, and weighs1/32 to 1/8 ounces. These come in a variety of colors and materials, making your fishing a lot easier. Before you even begin, you need to know where exactly you’ll be finding these fish. They are mostly found in shallow lakes or ponds which have a depth of 5 feet or lesser. Also, the season in which you find them in huge numbers in shallow waters begins from late spring to summer. Small jigs work best on small fishing lines, so tie them and leave them around shallow rocks or weeds, from where they will slowly set off towards the bottom. Using attractive, shiny baits will help you catch the attention of panfish easily.

A small stick bait is quite enough for you to draw the attention of a pickerel. Wondering how? Well, place this stick bait strategically through the shallow weeds and grass. This is the place where the fish hang out the most in summer. Pickerels are not surface feeders, but if you run the bait a few inches near the surface of the water, the pickerel is sure to fall for it.

So, all set for your next fishing expedition? Good luck!